In 70,000 years, we have reshaped Earth's biology twice. First, we killed all the megafauna on the planet, and then we planted and domesticated everything, including ourselves.

We upgraded ourselves from believing to knowing, dethroned God, and did put ourselves on the throne, inherited the earth, and a responsibility that we and our closest ancestors have never taken seriously.

We have enough to eat and no one eats us anymore. Our only enemy is our lack of knowledge of who and what we and our neighbors are. We need a revolution so that we can learn that there are space and need for everyone and that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

We need an educational revolution.


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Does it really matter who I am? Will it make a difference to you if I told you that I am famous? Will it make a difference to you if I told you the color of my eyes or the color of my skin? My hight? My gender? My political viewpoints?


To all nations in the world. To all the people on the planet.


We have to save our homes, and by doing so we have to save the biology of our planet. We have to save our children, and by doing so we have to save our neighbor. We have to save ourselves and each other because our goal is to save humanity.


We are the only superpower of planet earth because we control which species are to live and which are to die. Our species have evolved to become the superpower of the world due to our unparalleled ability to think and act in gigantic groups. We are the only species, who can carve out stories from within our imagination and make them into reality. We are no longer homo sapiens. We are homo civic Mundi and we did inherit the earth.


Our destiny is embedded in this planet, and we do hold great power in our grasp, and with great power comes great responsibility. It is our responsibility to get along, and it is our responsibility to write a story on which everybody can believe in.


In unity, we must save the biodiversity of the planet, so future generations, our children and their children may prosper when we have gone. Our mission is to rebuild the planet, and it is our vision to live forever in Paradise. We have all the tools. We have all the creativity needed, but most importantly, we have each other, and we are powerful because we are all connected by knowledge. We are all important because we are all teachers and interdependent by education.


We shall save humanity with an Educational Revolution.

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